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11. In another life (Danny Hooper)

In another life I’d walk with you and hold your hand in mine
In another life I’d read your eyes and follow every sign
But my love lies with another and her love for me is strong
She’s the one I married and I won’t do her wrong

In another life you’d touch me; I’d touch you in return
In another life you’d reach for me and ease me from my shirt
But I must be strong and faithful to the one inside my heart
I told her forever and we can never part.

Maybe in another life, in another life
But there’s no use in thinking about the way that it could be
In another life

In another life I’d kiss you and hold you Oh so tight
In another life I’d lie with you and make love through the night
Oh, but while I’m still here on this earth, the man that I was born
I hope you understand my love just won’t be torn

In another life, in another life
This moment we’ll surrender until another day
In another life

Though you’re such a strong temptation, I must turn and walk away
I couldn’t bear the consequence if I was to stay
All the cards are on the table, what more can I say

In another life, in another life
So we’ll just let it be until we meet again
In another life


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